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3 West 51st Street
New York, NY, 10019

(212) 871-8758

New York City Boroughs, Neighborhoods, and Locations We Proudly Offer Our Floral Serve

Our claim to fame is our quality, speedy same day flower delivery service in New York City. However, we’re also known for our beautifully crafted floral arrangements for any kind of event. We’ll put together a design that will get you rave reviews.

Every city has their place to go for flowers, and we are just that place for the city of New York. We’ll deliver flowers to your loved ones for Mothers’ Day or anytime you need to impress someone. Our floral designs have a unique twist to them and we don’t repeat ourselves twice. Sometimes, however, the best statement is with a simple dozen red roses.


A Most Convenient Location

Columbia Midtown Florist is conveniently located off of Fifth Avenue in Midtown. You can come in to look around at our shop or place an order online at our website. We offer a wide variety of floral arrangements for you to choose from. Our delivery service will get your bouquet to where it needs to go quickly.

Add a Dash of Color to Your Events!

Not only do we deliver flowers to anywhere in Manhattan, but also we provide floral arrangements for any event. An event without the color of flowers just seems bare. Beautify Your Celebrations with our naturally beautiful foliage.


We like to go the extra mile and add that extra note of beauty to all of your special occasions with stunning floral arrangements. We’ll match the current season with the flowers and plants that grow at that time of year.


Flower Delivery with a Smile

Our delivery people understand that their job is a sensitive one. People who receive flowers want to be able to express their feelings to someone when they receive their gift. That’s why our delivery people are very friendly and understanding on the job.

Thoughtful Service

When we design floral arrangements for your special occasions, we take the time to appreciate the setting well enough to select the perfect set of flowers for the room. We’re experts in design and know just how to complement the surroundings.


The Final Touch

Add a final touch of beauty and class to your next occasion with our floral designs. We have package deals that you can afford and that will add some color to your event. We do a professional job that all of your guests will rave about.



Prompt Service

No matter what neighborhood in Manhattan that your loved one lives in, we offer prompt delivery of your floral gift to them. As soon as you place your order, we’ll get on the job right away. We’re large enough to handle multiple orders at the same time.

We are located in Manhattan near Rockefeller Center, Broadway, Midtown, 5th Ave, 57th & 59th St.

We are located in Manhattan near Rockefeller Center, Broadway, Midtown, 5th Ave, 57th & 59th St.

While we deliver anywhere in Manhattan, we frequent some memorable places on the island. The Avenue of The Americas, Sixth Avenue, starts in Tribeca and ends at the southern tip of Central Park. It used to continue north of Central Park, but that section was renamed Malcom X Boulevard. This major thoroughfare runs from the south to the north. The buildings along its length are mostly commercial. You can find many famous companies represented there.

One of the locations that we make a lot of deliveries to is Central Park West. This street lies on the western side of Central Park between 61st and 97th Streets. Part of this street is a historic district where you’ll find famous buildings such as the Dakota.

We make deliveries to some fine Manhattan neighborhoods. One of these is Chelsea. It lies west of Fifth Avenue between 14th and 34th Streets. This neighborhood is known as being the heart of the artistic community of Manhattan. It was immortalized in Joni Mitchell’s famous song, “Chelsea Morning.” Come hobnob with some of the main contributors to our culture there.

Gramercy Park, one of our favorite destinations, surrounds the park of the same name. It is a city landmark. The boundaries of the neighborhood are 14th Street to the south, 3rd Avenue to the East, 23rd Street to the north, and Park Avenue South to the west.

Columbia Midtown Florist is based here in Midtown Manhattan

We’ll deliver flowers to someone special anywhere on the whole island, though. Our rates are reasonable, and you’ll get service with a smile and a handshake.

Our Services

In addition to delivering flowers anywhere in Manhattan, we provide floral arrangements for any occasion that you can think of. We’ll add a touch of class to any wedding and dignity to a funeral. We offer both traditional and creative floral designs, or perhaps something in between.

The Heart of The City

Midtown is the true center of Manhattan in many ways. Commercially, the big stores are here and Madison Square Garden and other sports and entertainment venues call this area their home. Some of the large advertising campaigns have their billboards here, and you can shop at Macy’s, perhaps one of the world’s largest department stores.

One of our delivery destinations is Morningside Heights. This neighborhood lies between the Upper West Side and Harlem. The area is distinguished by its college crowd. Columbia University, one               of the finest institutions in America, makes its home her

One of our destinations for flower delivery is the Murray Hill neighborhood. Its boundaries are East 34th Street to the south, Madison Avenue to the west, and Third Avenue to the east. Here you will find a wide variety of excellent Indian, Korean , and Sichuan restaurants.

Riverside Drive

Of all of the places that we deliver to in Manhattan, Riverside Drive is one of the most scenic. This boulevard runs on the west side of Manhattan mostly parallel to the Hudson River. It goes from 72nd                                                                    Street to near the George Washington Bridge.

A frequent neighborhood for our delivery service is Tribeca. It is in lower Manhattan with its boundaries being Vesey Street to Canal Street and Broadway to the Hudson River. It’s a neighborhood where you can rub elbows with some of the wealthiest members of the city community. Tribeca is also home to the film festival of the same name.

We enjoy spending our time visiting interesting neighborhoods in the city making flower deliveries. One of the most engaging places is the Upper East Side. Here you will find what many call the “museum mile.” Museums such as the famous Guggenheim find their home here.

One of our favorite places to deliver to is the Upper West Side. This neighborhood is located between 59th Street and 110th Street, Central Park West to the Hudson River. The architecture here is very distinctive of Manhattan. The famous brownstone houses find their home here.

One of the best-known neighborhoods that we deliver to is Wall Street, It’s located in the middle south of Manhattan. This area is the heart of the financial world. Fortunes are made and broken here, and many young people come here with their hopes of the American dream.

A place to get away from some of the congestion of Manhattan is Washington Heights. We love doing deliveries here because the layout of the neighborhood is less dense and gives you some breathing room. It is located between 155th Street and Dykman Street, from the Harlem River to the Hudson River.

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